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Are you thinking about making positive and healthy changes in your food choices?

Have you already tried some steps but would like to see results?

Are you curious to see the difference plant-based foods can bring in your health?

Any of our following plans below will help you make real progress!


Transition to a plant-based lifestyle with a Nutrition Assessment and a tailored Meal-Plan. The single consultation includes Dietary Guidelines.


This plan will help you dig deeper, alter unhealthy habits and make healthy lifestyle choices. This plan will include three Consultations, a tailored Meal-Plan and Dietary Guidelines.


This plan will help you adopt a healthy lifestyle, equip you with the knowledge and tools for making healthy food choices balanced with exercise. This plan includes 6 Consultations, a tailored Meal-Plan, Dietary Guidelines and a customized Work-out Plan.


This plan helps the company adopt a healthy lifestyle, makes one familiar with tools for making balanced and healthy food choices by Nutritional seminars, Body composition analysis, check-up camps etc. This plan can be customized as per the requirement.


The plan helps participants develop skills that leads to an improved diet through selection of nutritious healthy foods. Families will inculcate better food selection and food storage practices. 

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