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What is a plant-based diet &
how can I help?

A plant-based diet excludes eating any animal product. This includes meat, fish, dairy and eggs. A healthy plant-based diet mainly consists of whole plant foods such as pulses, legumes, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts. In a healthy plant-based diet we have nutritious and tasty alternatives instead of highly processed foods such as bread, cheese, cakes, biscuits and chips. 

A plant-based diet is also adopted by individuals following a vegan lifestyle where consuming or using products derived from animals is avoided in light of animal cruelty & welfare.

Research suggests that people who follow a plant-based diet tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI), lower rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, all whilst maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

The high fiber, complex carbohydrates and high water contents in fruit and vegetables helps keep you energised throughout the day.

Common misconceptions and questions people have with regards to following a plant-based diet include,  'Where will I get my protein from?',  'Would I get enough iron or calcium?' or 'I do not want to eat salads all day, would I be able to enjoy tasty food?'. Numerous online sources provide conflicting information, adding to the confusion and questions people already have. I aim to address these common myths and concerns around following a plant-based diet, and allay any fears one may have with transitioning to such a diet.


If you are transitioning to a plant-based diet or simply trying to consume more plant foods in your diet, I am here to help.

- Dt. Heta Parmar

Heta's Experience

I graduated in Food and Nutrition, Specialization - Dietetics in 2016. 


Whilst working in the medical industry after graduating, I found people trying to cure health issues that could have been prevented with better nutritional choices. This inspired me to help my clients experience the benefits of a natural and tasty plant-based diet. 


As an experienced dietitian, have worked with hundreds of clients helping them achieve their goals whilst collaborating with well-reputed doctors and clinics across India.

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